It would be nice to be able to provide a long tick list of the exact criteria we are looking for in an international partner. However, as you know, business relationships rarely work to such clinical specifications. It is more likely that after extensive conversations, both parties just feel there is a good fit. Having said that here are some general observations:

Financial Backing

Obviously some capital is required to get the business to breakeven point. There are two main variables here. One is the size of your territory and the other is the speed at which you wish to develop the business. This will certainly be an early area of discussion.

Business Knowledge

It is important that you have business experience and preferably, experience of owning and running a business. This is partly about having the experience and knowledge required to do this, but also to demonstrate the resilience that owning and running any business requires.

Specialist Knowledge

The two specific areas of specialist knowledge that our business is based on are franchising and the motorhome and caravan sector. However, these are both areas where the knowledge can be hired in with key staff members.

Commitment to Service

The success of our business has been built on a solid foundation of providing a quality service to our customers. It builds a strong, trusted brand and generates invaluable referrals and repeat business that ensures our long term future. It is essential that our international partners share our passion for quality service.

People Fit

Finally, an important factor is that we fit together well as a team. It will be a team effort and it will be far easier if there is good chemistry and we are all pulling in the same direction. There will be plenty of opportunity during the decision making process to get to know each other well!

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