Training & Support

​Our goal is to help you become highly successful – our success depends on your success!

Our support will start before you make any form of commitment. We will guide you with your market research and help you develop your business plan. We both need to be confident that your plan, based on your market research, is achievable.

Our ongoing support will take all of the forms you would expect. You and your key staff will be invited to spend time with us learning about how we run our business and developing your start-up plan. This will include focussing on the initial roll out programme of the various elements of the business and to reach the key landmarks of income generation and financial break-even as soon as possible.

Further support will include our team coming to visit you on site, online support and an ongoing “Conversation” as you develop the business. You will have access to the key people in every area of our business to provide the in-depth knowledge you need. You will find that many of our systems have been specifically built to make the transfer of knowledge simple. A good example of this is our digital marketing systems which, having been developed over many years, can simply be passed to your digital agency to implement in your territory.

There will be challenges along the way. Many we can anticipate ahead of time and help you avoid them. Most others we will have faced ourselves and overcome them. Our experience will help you build your business and reach profitability far quicker than we did at a fraction of the cost.


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