You can learn more about the business by looking at some of our websites:

Motorhome Depot

The Motorhome Depot website is where our brokerage and retail motorhomes are advertised for sale. This is the largest dedicated used motorhome website in the UK attracting over 1 million users per annum.

You can see what our customers say about Motorhome Depot here.


The Habcheck website is where we drive all digital marketing to for our service business. It is the UK’s only national brand for motorhome and caravan servicing. The website gets thousands of users a week where visitors can get information, chat with us and book their service.

You can see what our customers say about Habcheck here.

Buy My Motorhome

This is one of several brands we use to attract motorhome and caravan sellers. It is the main driver of our vehicle trading business. The website and digital advertising have been improved and fine tuned for over ten years, providing a fantastic return on advertising spend, which can be throttled up or down to regulate enquiry numbers.

HoleShot Motorhomes

HoleShot Motorhomes is a brand we created to target the sports market. It is a good example of the opportunities our business gives you to expand into associated sectors. A great example of cross-selling within the business, the used stock page on HoleShot is fed by broker listings from the Motorhome Depot website.

Motorhome Depot Franchise

This is an example of one of our franchise recruitment websites. We drive franchise enquiry traffic to these sites to ensure that those prospective franchisees we speak to are pre-qualified and already knowledgeable about our business. This makes the franchisee recruitment process very efficient.

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