Welcome to Motorhome Depot and the opportunity to develop a successful, profitable business based on our own unique and proven model. Please take the time to read through this website. If what you read interests you, the next step is to contact us for more detailed information.

The opportunity is in a specific part of the leisure industry – motorhomes and caravans as we know them in Europe or RV’s if you are in North America. This is a long-term growth market. Global demographics will continue to favour growth. The sector is not a trend or fashion and a real life experience that cannot be replaced by technology or an app. It is environmentally friendly and will become more so with the roll out of electric vehicles. Our business model even thrived during the recent Covid19 pandemic. This is a rock solid, growth market.

We will show you four distinct operating divisions. Each complimenting the others to extend your reach across all parts of the sector and benefit from cross selling opportunities within the business. This is not a pure franchise play – it includes the opportunity to develop high return add-on revenue streams. In short, we will show you how to build a substantial, profitable business in a market with a long term future.

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