Investment & Return

​We will of course of course go into great detail about the financial aspects of the business and opportunity should you decide to take your interest to the next level. However, to give you a feel for the scale of the business, in the UK in 2021 Motorhome Depot will sell several thousand motorhomes with a value of circa £80m. This still only represents about 5% market share, with plenty of room for further growth.

The trading side of the business will buy and sell many times more motorhomes than our nearest competitor. The key to this side of the business is to ensure everything you buy is presold – we’ll show you how. We will also demonstrate how to set a minimum margin and this ensures your profit on everything you buy.

Habcheck will carry out several thousand motorhome and caravan services in 2021, but is still only at an early stage of development and will continue to expand rapidly into the market of one million motorhomes and caravans requiring servicing in the UK. All developed motorhome and caravan markets will have a similar need. As a pure franchise model benefitting from cross selling within the business, it requires relatively little investment to get started.

The retail opportunity will be as large as you wish to make it. Obviously, this is the capital intensive area of the business as motorhomes are expensive items to stock. However, through the buying division you are in the best position to secure the most saleable stock at the best prices and the return on investment is very good.

As you can see, your return on investment will largely depend on the amount you have to invest and the speed at which you are able to roll out all aspects of the business. This subject will form a key part of our early discussions.

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